Adam Green and Binki Shapiro on Netflix

Streaming With Netflix: A Brief Overview And Comparison With The Competition

While it is true that subscription-based Internet content streaming is not a new concept, it is one that is catching on more than ever before, thanks to one of its oldest proponents, Netflix. This company began as a mail-order DVD rental service in 1997, but quickly became one of the most important dot com industries in the decade thereafter.

The movie rental industry was, at the time when founder Reed Hastings had barely began sketching the idea that would later become Netflix, a massive but inefficient business. Large outlet stores offering CD’s and DVD’s charged their customers outrageous fees for late returns on films and video games at the time.

Hastings’ great idea was to eliminate the concept of the late rental by simply charging a monthly subscription fee. A customer may then keep whatever films they want for however long they want, paying the company for the service nonetheless. This mail-order rental service was a huge success, only overshadowed by the onset of Internet streaming.

Films, TV And More: The Internet Streaming Culture

Normally, just having one billion-dollar idea is good enough, but Hastings had prepared more in the following decade and revealed a complimentary content streaming services that eliminates the need to mail disks altogether. This approach sparked numerous competitions and price wars between Netflix and other companies:

• Blockbuster – Once the largest video rental company in America, it had the chance to buy out Hastings’ competition, but refused. This company was, but is no longer, a significant competitor on the market.
• Amazon – With their own streaming service and products like the Kindle, Amazon is trying to gain a foothold in the industry now dominated by Hastings’ company. The library of content they offer, unfortunately, is not nearly as large in films and TV as it is in books, where Amazon evidently rules.
• RedBox – Instead of a mail-order system, this company uses a kiosk approach that allows customs to conveniently return their films wherever they happen to find one. The lack of a competing streaming service, however, makes this a niche approach not unlike the rental stores of old.

It is clear that there is only one company that really has the subtle combination of streaming film and TV delivery along with DVD and Blu-Ray rental solidly affirmed in the public consciousness. Now, having begun to produce and air its own exclusive programs, the beginnings of a larger Netflix media empire are not far off.

Adam Green (The Moldy Peaches) and Binki Shapiro (Little Joy, Beck) formed after touring together and exchanging texts about a possible collaboration, the outcome, a three song EP ‘Fall’ these videos are now available on Netflix. After proving a success they began writing material for their self titled album ‘Adam Green & Binki Shapiro‘. With no romantic ties between the pair Green and Shapiro spire off each others own relationship experiences to a 50′s/60′s folk pop soundtrack.



Egyptian Hip Hop

Manchester based Egyptian Hip Hop formed in late 2008, the band attracted attention early on from major UK music publications such as NME, The Fly and Q after extensively playing venues in their home town. In December 2009, they released single ‘Rad Pit’ as a free download on an NME mixtape featuring hotly tipped acts of 2010. Spring 2010 saw them release ‘Wild Human Child’ and ‘Heavenly’ as a double A side, between this they featured at several UK festivals and also played support slots with Girls and Ariel Pinks Haunted Graffiti. They released single ‘SYH’ in the lead up to their debut album ‘Good Don’t Sleep’ in October 2012 released on R&S Records.

Schultz and Forever

Schultz and Forever’s lead man Jonathan Schultz captured the attention of the Danish media in 2011 after releasing his debut EP ‘Odd Stories‘. He continued to build hype by playing popular sets at SPOT festival and across Denmark, in May 2012 he was placed number 1 on the highly regarded DR P3 ‘Det Elektriske Barometer’. With mature gruff vocals comparable to The Tallest Man On Earth/Mumford and Sons/Dylan and song writing credentials to match at only 18 years of age. Schultz and Forever has just released their second EP ‘Celine‘ in January 2013 on Cracki Records.

You can download ‘Odd Stories’ HERE for free.

Schultz and Forever will be playing this years Roskilde Festival on the Pavilion Junior Stage 14:30 on 01.07.2013